SMART(ER) Business Network Overview – Episode 20 – Looking Ahead and Wrap Up


Series Introduction: Unlocking the Power of SMART(ER) Business Network: Your Guide to Success


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“Welcome, SMART(ER) Business Network members!

We understand that navigating a vast array of features and resources can be overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve created this series of videos to help you understand what you have access to and how to leverage these powerful tools for your business efforts.

In each episode, we’ll dive deep into specific areas, guiding you through the features step-by-step.

And don’t worry, we’ll be continually adding more features to meet your evolving needs.

So, you can always come back and check what’s new and make sure you’re not missing out on any game-changing opportunities.

We know that as a new member, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the wealth of information and possibilities within the network. But fear not!

Our series is designed to address things that overwhelm you and provide you with a clear roadmap to success.

Here you are, visiting the seventh episode of the series, with a total of twenty episodes published so far. And guess what?

We’re always open to adding more as we discover new features and innovative ways to support your growth.

Our goal is to ensure you have a comprehensive guide to follow, empowering you to make the most of your membership.

So, get ready to unlock the full potential of the SMART(ER) Business Network. We’re here to support you every step of the way, offering guidance, feedback, and insights to help you achieve your business goals.

Let’s Get Started…”


“The Epic Finale: Reflect, Rise, and Conquer the Entrepreneurial Universe”

Hey there, my fellow trailblazers! Can you believe it? We’ve reached the epic finale of our introduction series with the SMART(ER) Business Network. Coach Dave here, ready to pump you up for the ultimate adventure ahead. Let’s take a moment to reflect on how far we’ve come, rise above the rest, and conquer the vast expanse of the entrepreneurial universe together!

Throughout this series, we’ve embarked on a wild journey of knowledge and empowerment. And now, as we wrap it all up, it’s time to look back at the mind-blowing moments we’ve shared and get ready to unleash your full potential like a supernova.

Coach Dave is here to give you a quick recap of all the game-changing insights we’ve dropped on you. By now, you should be equipped with an arsenal of tools and resources that would make even the most seasoned entrepreneurs jealous. It’s time to unleash your inner boss and show the world what you’re made of!

But here’s the best part: this is only the beginning! The SMART(ER) Business Network is a constantly evolving universe, and the future is bursting with mind-boggling excitement. We’re continuously scanning the cosmos for the latest trends and cosmic shifts to keep you light-years ahead of the competition. Our mission is simple: to launch you into stratospheric success.

Let’s face it, my friends. The entrepreneurial universe can be a crazy and chaotic place. But fear not! We’re here to rewrite the rules and defy the odds. Forget about those gloomy statistics that say 95% of businesses fail. We’re smashing through that barrier and aiming for nothing less than 100% success. Let the skeptics gasp and the naysayers tremble – we’re rewriting the laws of the entrepreneurial cosmos!

Now that you’ve absorbed the celestial wisdom from this series, it’s time to unleash your supernova power. Blast off into the unknown, chase your wildest dreams, and create a cosmic impact! Remember, we’re here to be your mission control. Stay connected, share your interstellar wins and challenges, and tap into the collective wisdom of our stellar community. Together, we’re an unstoppable force, soaring through the entrepreneurial universe!

This is it, my cosmic comrades. The epic finale! Reflect on your journey thus far, rise above any gravitational pulls, and let’s conquer the vast expanse of the entrepreneurial universe together. Get ready to leave your mark on the cosmos – it’s time to shine!

Wishing you intergalactic success,

Coach Dave



To join now, go to the offer pages found at under the shop menu tab.

There you will see the various offers and can register to get started.

While there on the home page, you will also note the banners on the top and bottom of the page.

The top one will take you to the latest sales offer (often the best offer too, by the way!), while the bottom banner will take you to the recruiting contest.

The recruiting contest runs from month to month and the data collection starts new (old data is purged/destroyed except for winners and reward recipient’s information for network use to track membership).

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Here are the main links referenced throughout the introduction and overview sessions in this series again:






See you inside!

Coach Dave

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