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SMART 90 Day Planner – Weekly Goals


Product: SMART 90 Day Planner

License: Personal Use Rights

You do not have any rights to sell on or give away this 90-day work planner. It is for your personal use only in helping you plan and track your daily work, your objectives & goals, and your successes and failures.


SMART 90-Day Planner with Weekly Goals and To-Do Lists

This 90-day planner is set up to help the business owner plan for and execute all the many tasks that have to be completed on a regular basis, week after week. By tracking closely business and time, the user can see what is getting done and what is not. Also, areas that need to be improved can be identified and corrections made on a regular basis.

There is enough space within this 90-day planner for the entrepreneur to annotate what is happening in the business regularly. It is meant to be printed out, but it can be easily loaded into a phone note app, as most can accept the PDF format. Then you can directly write within the app and save it so you always have it available (as long as you have your phone).

How Can I Use My SMART 90-Day Planner with Daily Tasks & To-Do Lists?

Remember that this is a personal use planner, so you may not it on to others. You can earn a commission if you refer someone to this shop and they buy through your affiliate link though. We have an active affiliate program and we pay 20% recurring lifetime commissions for every customer you bring who buys something.

Details of that program can be found on the home (front) page of this site. Additionally, we have two other programs that may be of interest to you. First, there are the SMART $1k+ Project and the SMART Affiliate Network programs. Then, we also have the Freelancer Services platform (similar to Fiverr but it is under our ownership and management).

On the Freelancer platform, you can earn money by creating offers that hungry business owners and entrepreneurs (like you) who need jobs done for their business. It can be much cheaper to hire someone on a per need basis as opposed to having a full-time employee, so there are money-making opportunities.

The planner itself can be used as you see fit. Print it off, use it digitally with one of the note apps, or even adapt it for your own use by adding other important pages that work for you (there are programs out there that will allow you to do this). We want you to leverage the power this simple resource offers you…

More details may be found in the description and other tabs below.

Anything Else I Need To Know?

That is about it. This is a very simple offer, and this SMART 90-Day Planner with Daily Tasks and To-Do Lists will help you lock down your ideas so you can start to do something with them. If you have questions, drop us a line using the contact page or via our support team. Thanks for stopping by!


Wishing You The Best Business!




Dave Sweney

CEO, Soaring Eagle LLC

Co-Developer, SMART Brand of Tools, Training, Programs, Resources, & More

WHAT IS THE “SMART 90 Day Planner?

This is the perfect tool for the business owner who is looking for a way to organize his daily schedule and who wants to annotate what is going well and what may not be so they can make corrections.

It is intended to be used in tandem with the training and business plan that students develop as part of the SMART $1k+ Project curriculum, where the student classroom experience is combined with a hands-on approach to have students actually implement the lessons they learn to build their online business.


You can save money by joining one of our member programs, either the SMART Affiliate Network Program or the SMART $1k+ Project Program. To get more details, see our ad on the home page of this shop and check them out.

The planner was designed for use in tandem with many other related tools and resources for entrepreneurs that are building an online business that they have access to as members or students of one of our programs. It helps them add personal accountability for getting things done.

Not only can you get this planner as part of these programs, but you also get access to a massive set of courses and tutorials, 80+ online business tools, high-speed hosting and 2 DFY websites, and space for standing up 2 more of your own TLD websites, and so much more. These programs are fairly new, and they are adding more tools, more resources, more training every week.


It provides a fast way to get started moving from thinking about building that business through the time-tested and still effective writing your ideas down on paper. Once you have a business plan created, you need to know that you are following through with the many tasks and objectives to attain your end goal with the business you are building.

Note that you can add additional material to the journal, as mentioned, to make it more useful for your objectives, and we would recommend that tactic. Things that you need to access on a regular basis and from anywhere are items or pages that you may want to add, It is up to you, the important thing is that you set up a schedule and follow it (and track your actions in the planner).



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